Fight For Your Heart

Our heart is the core of our being.

It is the hub of our humanity. Think of spokes in a wheel and this wheel has 3 spokes: emotions, the mind, and the will.

The heart brings them all together.



Warm up Question

If you were to ask a close friend the following questions, what would they say?

Do I approach my life with my mind and think about a situation, with my emotions as a feeler, or my will as a doer?





The Video

Do you think people tend to favor their mind, will, or emotions?

  • The thinker relies on the mind
  • Emotions control actions of a person
  • A doer may stay busy to avoid the heart




What do you think about the people categories?




Is there anything that you can relate to regarding your own Life journey?




Proverbs 4:20-27

Verse 23- What does it mean to guard your heart? Why is that important?



Going Deeper

Ecclesiasities 3:11

Isaiah 61:1

Ezekiel 36:26; 37:4-5

Matthew 15:8-9

Mark 12:30

Romans 10:10



Many of us did not grow up in an environment that taught us to live with our heart. Why do you think that would be?


How do you stay balanced between emotions, thinking, and doing? How does someone get out of balance? What are the consequences? For you, what is harder to use?


How do you use your heart to balance everything?


Fight for your heart and fight with your heart; what does that mean to you?


What are some ways to practice using your heart?


How can restoring your heart to its proper role and engaging your heart more, lead you to experience a fuller humanity and enjoyment of God’s grace and Life?


Personal Reflection

I think more clearly by …

I feel more deeply by …

I will act more intentionally by …

The area of my life where I could use more passion is …


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